"Renewal Blossoms"-Sympathy Arrangerment


Brand: Flora Funeral

"Renewal Blossoms" for this colorful and vibrant arrangement of yellow sunflowers, pink lilies, white hydrangeas, pink roses, pink daisies, yellow roses, and green and purple foliage?

This arrangement is a celebration of life and renewal, with each flower representing a different aspect of growth and vitality. The yellow sunflowers symbolize happiness and optimism, while the pink lilies represent beauty and elegance. The white hydrangeas symbolize purity and grace, and the pink roses symbolize love and gratitude. The pink daisies and yellow roses add a touch of whimsy and playfulness, while the green and purple foliage represent the renewal of life and the hope for the future.

"Renewal Blossoms" is a beautiful way to express your condolences and offer comfort and support to someone who is grieving. Its bright and cheerful colors and varied textures make it a joyful and uplifting tribute to celebrate the life of your loved one.

This lovely wreath consists of full-blooming hydrangeas, sunflowers, lilies, roses, and other beautiful seasonal flowers. A display that is perfect year-round.












-Picture from Carithers