"Patriotic Heart" Standing Spray


Brand: ATX Flowers

Our "Patriotic Heart" standing spray is a beautiful and fitting tribute to honor the service and sacrifice of a veteran or member of the United States armed forces. This stunning display features red, white, and blue carnations or roses arranged in the shape of a heart, symbolizing the American flag.

The patriotic colors and heart-shaped design create a beautiful and meaningful display that celebrates devotion and service to one's country. Whether it's for a service at a church, funeral home, or cemetery, "Patriotic Heart" is a lovely way to pay tribute to a loved one who served their country with honor and distinction.

Our skilled florists will ensure that every detail of this arrangement is perfect, from the placement of each rose and carnation to the addition of greenery to complement the patriotic colors. "Patriotic Heart" is a true symbol of love, respect, and gratitude for those who have served their country.

Order now for same-day delivery and let us help you show your support and appreciation to those who are grieving the loss of a beloved veteran or service member.